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 Wood Release Techniques

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PostSubject: Wood Release Techniques   Thu Oct 22, 2009 2:13 pm

Name: Birth of Dense Woodland
Chakra cost: 10-60
Description:Takeo forces trees to grow on any surface, and can easily create a dense forest anywhere. It was this technique that allowed Harishama to build the foundations of Konoha. This jutsu can also be used to bind an opponent and alter a battlefield for his own uses.

Chakra Cost:20
Desceiption:This jutsu is just like any other Transformation Technique. Takeo performs the necessary hand seals, then wood emerges and covers his entire body and a puff of smoke or chakra covers up the transformation. Once the jutsu is done, the transformation is complete. It acts more like a costume than a transformation, as Takeo is able to leave it behind if necessary.

Name: Four Pillars Prision Tachnique
Chakra Cost:50
Description:To force order amongst his new team, Yamato uses this jutsu to create a giant wooden prison and threatens to throw his squad members inside to work out their differences. Unlike Wood Release: Four Pillars House Technique, this jutsu does hold a practical use in combat as it is a quick place to hold captives when there are no available holding cells.

Name:Four Pillars House Technique
Chakra Cost:40
Description:Takeo creates a large wooden house. The jutsu apparently has no practical use in combat, and appears to simply be a technique Yamato can use when he doesn't want to camp outside.

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Wood Release Techniques
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