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 Earth Release Techniques

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PostSubject: Earth Release Techniques   Earth Release Techniques Icon_minitimeThu Oct 22, 2009 2:21 pm

Name:Assimilated Rock Tank
Chakra Cost: 30
Descriton:This jutsu is a copied version of the Akimichi clan's Human Bullet Tank jutsu, the only difference being that the user uses the Assimilate All Creation Technique to fuse with a nearby rock and collect the necessary mass to perform it, instead of creating it themselves. Additionally, using rock powder makes it more damaging, since the resulting human ball is made of a much stronger and heavier material.

Name:Rock Staff
Descriprion: This jutsu allows the user to take a small chunk of rock and turn it into the shape of a staff. The user can then use it as a weapon or throw it with pinpoint accuracy at their opponent. A variation of this jutsu allows the user to create several staffs and launch them at the target, but with less accuracy.

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Earth Release Techniques
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