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 Kikio's return,plus a mission...

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PostSubject: Kikio's return,plus a mission...   Kikio's return,plus a mission... Icon_minitimeFri Dec 04, 2009 10:48 pm

This is the starting of a remembering trip back to the HHV for Kikio inshone`. She has not been there since she was five, she had requested a mission… Her sister’s mission.

Kikio Returns!! To the HHV!

Kikio was wondering the HHV looking for the king/Hokage to give a message to. She remembers the place barely, but she ignores her memories and keeps looking around. Kikio sighed, and looked at shop, and just fell to the ground and started crying her heart out. Kikio shook her head trying to stop crying, hearing footsteps go by and skimming the ground. One person stopped infront of her and tapped her shoulder, along with a hand of help. Kikio took the hand, her vision blurred from the tears, Kikio says “Thank you. I’m-“Che`Che` was standing in front of her and said “Your Kikio. Correct? I’m Che-“Kikio nodded and says “Your Che`Ch-“Che`Che` knew what she would say and put his hand over her mouth, and grabbed her hand and started walking fast through the people. Che`Che` sighed, moving. Kikio followed, not much choice, looking around, a tear falls on the ground every time she sees a shop her family and her use to go to. Che`Che` turned fast into a house... Kikio’s family’s house. Kikio collapsed in tears, remembering it all now. Che`Che` picked Kikio up to her feet and says “Stop Crying!” Kikio nodded trying to stop crying. Che`Che` sighed “You have a mission here, The Only reason you returned.” Kikio remembered and handed Che`Che` the note of paper with writing on it, mumbles “Yeah.. You have another for me..?” Che`Che` took the paper and read it fast, then nods and says “Go back… You will escort the new prince to be back here.. He just got off a mission…He Took From Me.” Kikio nodded and started to leave-Che`Che` grabbed her hand, Kikio turned around surprised, Che`Che` handed her the note back with new writing on it and looked at her “Go give this to the Hokage First.” Kikio nodded and Ran out of the house to the Hokage’s office, not stopping to look around, Kikio hands the Hokage the note and bowed. The Hokage nods and writes on it, and hands it back to her, the Hokage says “I haven’t seen you since you requested your sister’s mission.” Kikio nods “When I was about five. Yeah...So” The Hokage says, smiling “I have another mission for you. If you want it.” Kikio nods and bows, saying “Go back to where I came from and escort the soon to be prince back here after all he just finished a mission. Right?” Kikio winked. The Hokage smiled and nodded “Off you go then. Princess Kikio.” Kikio blushed to the saying, nodded and ran out holding the piece of paper, running all the way to The Hidden Leaf to give to the Hokage, nodding. Kikio leaves the Hokage office and to her friends, then back to school for a bit, then she goes to her training area. Kikio started training for hours and came back and met up with her friends, she smiled and turned around right as one of her friends point. Kikio smiles and waves bye to her friends and runs up to the guards hiding a little thing in the middle. Kikio slips into the bungle and says “Kikio! That’s my name, LET ME IN! I’m suppose to escort!” Kikio bumps into the person in the middle. The person in the middle didn’t speak until… Kikio says “Hey! I’m Kikio, What’s your name pr-” The person hits her stomach, making Kikio cough and go to the ground, but she gets up and holds the person by the wrists “I Know Where to kick! Don’t do that again!” The person nodded, smiling a bit, the person says “I’m ChoCho Choe`. You are Kikio inshone`.” Kikio nodded and smiled “I’m suppose to escort you. But your guards already know where to go. I’m here to be your friend then I guess” Kikio smiled. ChoCho smiled a bit, and started walking. Kikio started walking and then took the trees.
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Kikio's return,plus a mission...
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