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 Kamitori - The Great Spirit Bird

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Alexander Dakame
Alexander Dakame

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PostSubject: Kamitori - The Great Spirit Bird   Thu Dec 24, 2009 8:48 pm

Name: Kamitori

Nickname: ---

Species: Spirit Bird

Looks: Image Linked Due to Size, this bird is the size of a skyscraper, but can change its size at will, it is covered in a fire made of the Dark Blue Storm Chakra, and it's eyes are a pale green, if looking closely enough, you can make out patterns in the wings and body. (Ignore the person in the pic.)

Personality: This Pet is Emotionless, although it is honorable, grateful, and respectful to those who respect it, it can only be asked/commanded by the Dakame Clan.

Age: Thousands upon Thousands of Years

History: This pet has been able to be summoned by the greatest of the Dakame Clan since it's founding. Kamitori was discovered at it's burial place, where it was resurected 4 years before the founding of the Dakame Clan's founder, Mizu Ameagari. He was on a mission, to deliver a parcel to the leader of Kusagakure, when he stumbled upon the cave, he could see strange blue glows coming from the back, he investigated. It was a circular altar, with 4 Sealing Talismans on it. He heard screams and begging for mercy... he slashed the talismans.
The bird asked him, "Please release me.... If you will protect me, I will protect you." he performed a Juinjutsu, told to him by Kamitori, and released the bird. The Bird has been protected by the Dakame Clan since, and in peril, the masters of the clan will summon him for aid, in some legends, all birds are considered part of Kamitori.


Name: Fierce Gales of the Heavens
Rank: A
Element: Storm
Description: When this jutsu is activated, Kamitori summons a thunderstorm above him, and uses his Storm Chakra in his wings to rain down Lightning and Wind on his enemies.

Name: Chakra Disruption
Rank Unknown, Due to Power, most likely S
Element: N/A
Description: This jutsu can only be used by Kamitori, after it has been struck; When Kamitori uses this technique, he gathers chakra in his gullet, and then fires it from his beak, creating a semi-invisible burst of Storm Chakra that can level cities.

-Kamitori can also use jutsu used by the summoner, at 10x the Power.
-When Kamitori is summoned, the user rides Kamitori on his back, and then leaks chakra into Kamitori, losing Chakra slowly.
-Kamitori is unable to physically attack things unless using jutsu, unless the user gives up 1/4 of his remaining chakra.
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Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

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PostSubject: Re: Kamitori - The Great Spirit Bird   Tue Jan 12, 2010 9:34 am


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Kamitori - The Great Spirit Bird
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