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 My Own Character Template/Rules If In Used

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PostSubject: My Own Character Template/Rules If In Used   Mon Aug 03, 2009 8:28 pm

Here is what I would use for A Character Template to learn more about someone's character. Also my own little rules that would go with it from my other Naruto Site. To make this more Realistic if wanted, my own opinions.( the 'I' in it was from my site though so just ingore it and imagine it you)

Profile Rules

• The site rules apply to this too.

• Keep everything PG -13 or lower! But still no foul language. If your character tends to use foul language; please censor the whole word out.

• Please do not make an original character that is related to a canon character unless you make a logical explination how in your background about it.I may ask for an RP sample to see your skill at RPing, and if it's good enough; I may approve your character to being related to a canon character.

• Do not PM the staff, to review your profile/jutsu/clan. We feel very rushed when this happens, and it gets really annoying, so if you do PM us, asking us to review your profile; YOU WILL GET A WARNING!!!

• If I happen to change the character forms slightly all accepted characters will still be accepted.

For example: Your character can not have pink eyes. That is physically impossible.(Yet I mostly let this rule pass)

• NO PERFECT CHARACTERS! Give your characters weaknesses! Otherwise that would make your character too powerful, and thus; not get accepted. Also; no one’s body is absolutely perfect, so give them a few flaws, like make them a bit chubby, or even maybe making one of their earlobes a little bigger then the other one! Just try to make them seem like realistic people! ^^

• You need to wait until AFTER your character is accepted and moved to the accepted characters by ME, or a PROFILE MOD to post in the RP Area!!!

• No trans-village ninja!
Example: Your character can not have been born and trained in the Village Hidden in the Sand, and then suddenly move to the Village Hidden in the Grass.
The only acceptation for this is a Missing Ninja.

• Remember that grammar is your friend! XD ...And I really mean it. So please use as much grammar as possible.

• If you do not edit a character that you were trying out for or one that you made yourself in one month from the time me or a profile mod reviewed it, it will be deleted!

• Please make your character profile very detailed. The more detail put unto it; the more of a chance it will get accepted!

• The most characters you can have in one account is five. And you can also have one missing-ninja per-account. Too many Missing-Ninjas is mostly a ruin to the RP.

• If you have more than one character I ask you to put the names of them in your siggy.

• If your character has just graduated from the ninja academy, and does not have a sensei yet; you need to wait for someone that has an OC looking for students that is in the same village as your OC, posting the ‘Looking for Students’ board. Then you can post asking if he/she wants you in their squad. If not; wait for someone else to post there and then you can ask them. But be warned: before your character runs of with his/her new sensei to go on missions and such; their needs to be three students in the team. Then your new sensei should give you a test to see if your team is worthy of staying a Genin, or needs to go back to the academy to learn some more. I will allow you to decide weather you want your OC to pass or fail the test, so I ask the one that is to be your Sensei to go a little easy on his/her new students. You can still RP with your character before it is assigned to a team, but will need to finish whatever thread you are in, and go though the test your new Sensei assigns your OC, before you or your team-mates can be officially apart of the new squad. But if for some reason one of your team-mates’, or Sensei’s member gets deleted or banned; you can just PM the other members who are apart of the squad, and discuss with each other which one of you will RP the character as a side-character until you are finished with that thread. After that; you need to wait until the OC is ‘adopted’ by another member if you want to RP with him/her again. Until that happens; try to continue on with your team without that character. And if you’re the one who was deleted or banned, and therefore lost your characters: it’s your own dang fault that it happened, and there is no way to get them back.
If you want to avoid all of the trouble of that ^: just make a few side-characters. Note that you must make the side-characters before your character profile can be accepted.

• If you want to adopt a character that is pre-made in the ‘Adoption’ board; you need to have at least two other characters that were made by yourself. Keep in mind that you are allowed to adopt only one adopted character. And you need to make sure that if the character was recently abandoned that he/she was not still in a thread being played as a side-character at the moment, but if so: you MUST wait until the thread is finished. If the character was in a team at the time it was abandoned; you need to stay in that team and keep going on missions with them every once and awhile. You can not leave this team until, if you are a Genin, you advance to Chuunin level, or if you’re a Sensei, until your students advance to Chuunin level, but if your character is in an ANBU squad the only option is to quit being an ANBU and become a normal Jounin or a Special Jounin. This rule goes also for side-characters that came with your character. So keep in mind all of these things if you are considering adopting an abandoned character.

• If you are trying out for a canon character that’s past has not been revealed yet, I will allow you to make a few things up. Just be sure to make it sound believable!

Character Template

Name: (This Identifies Who the Character is)

Age: ( How old are they?)

Gender: (Are they Male, Or Female)

Ninja Rank: (Are They a Academy Student, Gennin, Chunnin, etc?)

What Village are they from?: (Which village are they in)

Clothing/Armor: (Describe their ninja outfit. Do they have Breast Plates? Gloves? A cape? etc)

Weapons: (What weapons do they carry?)

Fighting Technique: (Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Long Range, Close range, basicly how do they fight?)

What Jutsus does (s)he know/use?: (What are their jutsu's?)

What's (s)he best at?: (Strenghts?)

What's (s)he worst at?: (weaknesses)

Physical Appearance: (Eye Color, Hair Color, Skin tone, height, weight, etc)

Personality: (how do they act? Are they Emo, Wild, Romantic, etc? HOw do they act around others to.)

Background: (Their story from when they were born to now)

Sample RP: (Show us how you RP)

And here's a link that will help you with most Jutsu's (Small spoilers on there, just ta warn ya!):
Different Techniques

• ALSO, if you have a Bijju you must make sure no one else has one of them. There are 9 Bijuu's Total. There will be who has a bijju list. Please don't over do it! Although if it's a Demon, or it Is a Bijuu that may have no exsisted, that could be a possibable exception.

Thank you.


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My Own Character Template/Rules If In Used
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