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 Different Jobs/Amount Of Ryo Given

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PostSubject: Different Jobs/Amount Of Ryo Given   Wed Aug 05, 2009 7:29 pm

There are Many Jobs out there. To make Ryo to buy awesome Weapons, Armor, Clothing, or just the normal things like Food and so on. Once you pick one, your stuck onto it unless you get fired, or you quit the job. If you quit/Get Fired, You have to wait 7 Days(A Week) Before going to back applying for that Job again.

Sometimes You'll get a Promotion. Although You may get it within 2 weeks. A Promotion= More Ryo!!! (Some Jobs Don't get Promotion's. Others Will have only a certain number of Promotion's Until your a Pro.

Blue=# of Promotion(s)
Black=Ryo Starting Off with
Orange= Promotion's
Red= Pro.(Final/Last Stage)
Violet= Over all time. (Ex: ___ Ryo An Hour, ___ Ryo Every 3 Hours)

(4)BlackSmith(Hour)-10 ryo ]/40 Ryo/60 Ryo/75 Ryo/120 Ryo

(3) PaperBoy(2 Hours)- 10 ryo/30 ryo/50 ryo/80 ryo

(4)Village Guard(4 hours)- 50 Ryo/ 75 Ryo/90 Ryo/110 ryo/150 ryo

(CoolWaitress( 8 hours)- 15 ryo/ 25 ryo/45 ryo/ 60 ryo/ 75 ryo/ 80 ryo/ 95 ryo/ 100 ryo/ 110 ryo

(3) Dish Washer(4 hours)- 15 ryo/20 ryo/ 30 ryo/ 50 ryo

(4) Cook(3 hours)- 50 ryo/90 ryo/ 120 ryo/ 150 ryo/ 180 ryo

(1)Janitor( 24 hours)- 50 ryo/ 140 ryo

(5) School Teacher (8 hours)- 40 ryo/ 60 ryo/90 ryo/ 120 ryo/ 140 ryo/ 160 ryo

(3) Tutor (5 hours) - 20 ryo/40 ryo/55 ryo/70 ryo

(5) Bouncer(4 hours)- 100 Ryo/120 ryo/140 ryo/160 ryo/180 ryo/200 ryo

(4) Bar Tender(2 hours)- 40 ryo /60 ryo/ 70 ryo/90 ryo/100 ryo

(2) Farmer Helper(6 hours)- 50 ryo/ 100 ryo

Note: more Will come soon.


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Different Jobs/Amount Of Ryo Given
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