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 Vasuka's home

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PostSubject: Vasuka's home   Vasuka's home Icon_minitimeTue Aug 11, 2009 9:34 pm

The Sun sparkled ever so gently across the soft green sea of grass that laid among the ground before cut off by a gravel like road that led down to other houses. Circular shaped gravel was pressured together into small panels that was placed in a row of four up towards a median sized house. A wooden porch with a smooth texture layer was spread out along the side of the doorway as it's burnt red color reflected gently off it.

A Black carpet that was a bit rough stood at the doorstep of the door with small red printed words on it. It read the Following:

Attention all! You are entering a private territory, Dare to enter is all Up to you! We warn you to stay out! Uchiha's Aren't allowed! If You are an Uchiha you have a higher risk at dying, enter only if you dare!

Violaters will be shot!
Those who still violate this warning will be shot, AGAIN!

This mostly made people's minds pop to quick conclusion's. Would this person acually shot them? Kill them? It was like a game of Truth or Dare. Which would you like to chose?

Yet where the house stood, it didn't seem so threatening , even with the sign. There was a Red Sliding doorway that stretched on the side of the porch blocked off by a small corner while a Smooth Slippery well carved roof was above the Porch, connetching to the edge of the house as well with 3 collums that were Squared like if you look from an upper view. The Door was hand made with black and white Ink as it had a Ying Yang Symbol apon the enterance of the doorway. It was a thin layer of Leaves that were spray painted Red as it was secured with a rectangular shaped bamboo that connected with strong layers of tall lemon grass. The Smell of Lemon's filled the air at each time the Sliding door would be moved sideways. The House was Rectangular shaped with a few squares sticking out and a Circular area that had a window there, yet it was covered in some beautiful royal blue curtain's. A bit of light shown through noting that someone was home. There was about 4 windows in all. One in the frount, two on the sides of the house and one in the back. There was another Sliding door that was made out of the same material in the back yet was locked from inside as a bamboo stick laid sideways stopping both the movement of the door and keeping the door frame more firm.

There was two bamboo sticks in the back of the house as there was Ninja wire connecting them across like a drying rack. They were a good 6 feet away from eachother. Also there stood a huge circle created by different sized rocks with a huge amount of sand piled apond the middle, making a little trail through the tall soft grass. The Gravel grains of the sand shifted around from the moving of the wind. It looked like a little meditating area. Also a Lower bed was nearby as the lovely scent of perfume smell filled the air. Little critter's crawling among them each way you look at it. There were 4 patches of Purple flower's that faded to white tip's. There were also 2 patches of yellow flowers that looked the shape of a bell handing downwards, yet still living. The rest were Red and White Roses mixted together. One the very edges of the circular flower bed stood a row of blue bell flowers that had a white trim on them.

There were also a row of Blue bell flowers near the frount porcuh of the house. They stayed in little patches of grass waving in the air as if greeting the people that walk by.

When someone walked inside the house, they would see a small living room that had a small little vase that was in the shape of an eagle taking off as it was a beautiful sparkling blue glass that carried good luck bamboo sticks within it. They were tied together by a red peice of cloth. It rested on a Hand Carven Table. It was skinny in size as the legs curved up, keeping it circular shapped. It would go up to the person's wasit if nearby a 5'0" person. There was a white matress that stretched across the middle of the floor as it had small sewing sticthes in it for it seemed to be torn and very quite old. Black Shapes were placed within the middle of it as they formed the shape of a Dragon head. A Symbol of the Ahihcu Clan. Infront of it laid a very low set oval also hand carved table which had a black ink bottle placed on the side with a Feather sticking out, really old fashion as Blank sheets of white paper stood on the side , untouched and unused.

There was also a small fire place that was made out of bricks that was turned off at the moment. Fresh new Logs laid within the fire place while nearby stood a Wooden Stick to poke the fire. On the otherside of the room stood some logs within a box to be used for later, small peices and chips of the logs were over the floor around it. Another matress laid nearby towards a hallway area as there stood a black container that held a beautiful Bonsi tree stood. A tin can of water stood next to it as well as small clippers on th eother side of it. It was really healthy for the leafs were more greener then the grass outside.

Around the living room on the left side a Picture stood, that was above the Fireplace of Madara Uchiha. A Painting of him Rather. It seemed dusty from the smoke that had risen and how long it was placed there. on the Right side of the Wall Stood a basic Samuari Katana. If it was opened it was Broken from use years ago. It had a beautiful blue hilt as there was a white japanese dragon riding across the smooth surface. Above the Sword stood the Headband of Konohagakure, nearly damaged with multiple cuts and slashes. Unsed and Unwashed for the faint smell of the dried blood over the bandanna still shown. It was poorly nailed to the wall as well. A huge thick slash through it.

There were Tree Hallways. The One that you could go straight through once entering was only leading to the bathroom. The Bathroom contained a cabneight that hung over a well cleaned sink that had a cup with tooth paste nearby and a used toothbrush in it. A Mirror stood infront of the Sink as a toilet and little corner shower with see through curtain's was there as well. A candle stood in the room. The Person never seemed to use much electricity.

If You walked into the house and went to to oppisite side of the first hallway there were two bed rooms. One that seemed to be a study hallway. Different sized scrolls shown in order on a few selfs and racks. That one room was one that had the Window, yet it was open widely. No one was in there. A median sized desk with a chair stood there. There were many small scrolls that were spread and open across the floor, wrinkled up from being pushed asideas they made bumps. Some scrolls were even empty. There was one scroll thought that had a red trim across the edges, sealed up among the table. A Slashed Uchiha Symbol poster stood within the room on the right side of the window as the sunlight bleed into the room. Sparkling among some Water that was in a clear glass. It was already drank out of as a small drop stated to slide down on the side of the glass hitting the wood making it a darker color.

Backing out of the room and next to the other was a normal bed room. There was also a window here that had one shade open and the other was covering it gently. A bed with a royal purple sheet that covered it. A puffy masrhmellow felt pillow. The Room didn't have no pictures yet more of gear as 3 ninja star's laid out in the open among a desk next to the bed. A Dresser was closed standing tall against the wall near the exit of the room. A Few scrolls were about the room as well. A robe was on the ground misplaced as so were some pouches that connected to the Ninja's side. The Bed was neat unlike the room.

Exiting that room as well and going across that hallway to the frount area, there was a huge window with a huge curtain covering it. It looked like a small libaray area to relax in. A few books on a hand made self that was on the left side of the window. A Bean bag with a basic blue design on it and white dragons over it sat in one corner of the cylinder like room. Perfect.

Within this small basic house, a Young girl walked from the back enterance closing it carefully. Her heavy over the knee goth boots hit the ground while the metal on the frount of them clicked. She walked towards the Living room as she stared around. No Intrudors were about. She could sense it. The 15 year old teen started to her study while her tail swayed side to side. She didn't keep herself hidden from other's so easily, didn't care. Her Ears flickered and stopped at ease. no emotion rested on her face as she had only one beautiful purple orb showing through her locks of hair. One eye was covered in a red heart shapped eye patch as she stared down at the scroll. No One dared to intrude on her business thankfully. Her black tail swayed in pleasure as it's green stripes shown carefully. Her hair passed her butt as it sparkled a midnight blue from the sunlight. Having Green tips on the ends. Her Name was Vasuka, Vasuka Azumi Ahihcu. A Last member of the Ahihcu clan, made by those of the Uchiha. She placed her fingertips on the edge of the scroll, undoing the seal with ease, before she would soon open it.

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Vasuka's home
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