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 Akatsuki Application (MUST APPLY TO SEE IF YOUR WORTHY!!)

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PostSubject: Akatsuki Application (MUST APPLY TO SEE IF YOUR WORTHY!!)   Tue Aug 11, 2009 11:50 pm

Note: There will be some acceptions, although just because one person is accepted and you have something famliiar doesn't mean You may get accepted!! it's Luck! Now you'll be Filling our the following forum. READ THE DIRECTIONS CLEARLY!!!!

Name: Your Character's Identity?
Age: How old are they?
Rank: What would they be ranked as? Gennin?Chunnin?Jonnin, etc?
Bijuu/Demon: Yes or no? If Yes, What Number of Tails *Bijuu* it have/what kind of Demon is it? (note: 8 Tails has been taken!!!)
Village: What village they from?
Brief History: Summerize Your Character's History and how they became into Akatsuki and why. Make It good for you have higher chance of Approval!!!!
Ring: (Whats the name of your Ring,Where is it located?)

Partner: (Don't worry about this, This will be assigned to you! Don't get upset with someone you don' t like!!!)

Exclamation Twisted Evil Answer the Following Questions. Please PM me with the questions and answers for each will be different. Mostly the question's matter more higher then the application!

Why Do you wish to join the Akastuki?

What would you do if your comrade was in trouble?

If you betray us, Do you know your consiquences?

What are you cabable of?

What makes you unique and stand out from others?

How well do you follow Orders?

What kind of Partner would you want to have?

Is There Any questions you have?

Doing all the Following you have Accepted the Fact that You will Always listen to Orders no matter what! You Stand by your Partner and cannot complain about them. You will help the Akatsuki Proceed in their goal. If You Betray us you shall know the consiquences. If You Are a bijuu, you are safe until the time Remains.


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Akatsuki Application (MUST APPLY TO SEE IF YOUR WORTHY!!)
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